Gold EFTs

Mutual funds, gold EFTs and ETNs (Exchange Traded Notes) are the other opportunities for investing in gold which are related to equity. A lot many mutual funds are especially created for gold investors who have portfolios, which are made up of mixed stocks in gold. There are also EFTs, which make an investment in mining stocks and those which are directly linked to the price of gold.

Gold futures trading

Gold futures trading offer an even greater leverage. However, you need to consider the factor of the restricted timeline for potential contracts while dealing in gold futures trading. If you as an investor want to hold your position in the market over a longer period of time, it becomes necessary to roll over your investment into future contracts which have ending dates that may add to the overall costs.

Contracts for Difference CFDs

These are becoming increasingly popular as investment vehicles and they offer leveraged means of investment in gold. This fact appeals to most of the traders who have inadequate capital. CFDs are forbidden in the United States, but there is heavy trading in London in these instruments along with other world markets.

Hence there are many alternatives to bullion investment and you can conduct a research online to find out which one suits you the best.